Senior Toddler

2 – 2.5 years

The Senior Toddler Room is a very creative room, which focuses on self-expression and developing expressive language. The Senior Toddlers are beginning to move away from parallel play and explore working toward cooperative play with other children. Learning how get along and play together is emphasized through various activities in the room. Toilet training continues with the Senior Toddlers and at this stage we are celebrating many successes!

Senior Toddlers  – Ratio 1 teacher to 5 toddlers

July Newsletter

Summer is here!  We have been busy playing outside almost every day and the Senior Toddlers love every minute of it.  We have a sandbox in our yard and the toddlers love to take off their shoes to play in it.  If possible could you please send a pair of sandals or crocs for them to use while playing outside in the sand!  Thank you.

Please note our centre will be closed on Monday, July 2nd in lieu of Canada Day!  We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Please take a moment to write down any holidays your child is taking during the summer months.  The sheets are just outside our classroom door. Thank you.

Throughout the summer we will have outdoor water play on hot days, because of this we are asking that parents check to make sure their child has lots of extra clothes in case they get too wet and need to be changed.

On Wednesday, July 11th, “Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo” will visit our center.  They will be bringing different little reptiles for us to see and sometimes feel.  In the past, the children really loved seeing these reptiles and some children were actually brave enough to touch them.  The cost of this great experience is only $2.00.  The show starts at 9:00 A.M. sharp. Please have all money and permission forms handed in by Monday, July 9th.

On Tuesday, July 31st, we will be having a Hawaiian Party! We encourage the children to come dressed up in their best Hawaiian outfits.  We will have music, dancing, and special snacks!

Please take the time to follow our calendar for special events to ensure that your child participates and doesn’t feel left out.  Thank you.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to discuss them with Kelly or Chelsea!

Happy Summer, Kelly Lees and Chelsea Elsliger