Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to bring for my child?
    If your child is an Infant or Toddler we ask that you supply diapers, pack a change of clothes, blanket and a sleep toy to be left at the school. For Junior and Senior pre-school we ask that you also bring a blanket and a sleep toy and a change of clothes.  Sunscreen, hat and indoor shoes,
  2. Do we give medication?
    We will give medication to a child if it is prescribed by a doctor and in it’s original container. We will also ask you to fill out a form for the time and dosage of the medication so it can be posted in the child’s room.
  3. How much time do you spend outside?
    Providing the weather is cooperating we try to spend a hour outside in the morning and in the afternoon. We are very conscious of monitoring cold temperatures in the winter and heat alerts in the summer.
  4. Do we go on field trips?
    Our Centre will take the children on field trips only if we find that the trip is age appropriate and our trips occur during morning hours so the children can be back for lunch time and a nap. The school age children during summer camp enjoy weekly field trips.
  5. How many hours can my child stay at your Centre?
    We have a policy that children can stay in our Centre to a maximum of nine hours per day.