A Child’s Paradise is more then just a daycare centre – it is a home away from home for our children (Kyle – 7, Evan – 4, and Claire – 15 months).  Since March, 2002, we have been with A Child’s Paradise and we couldn’t be happier.  It is very hard to put in to words the calm we feel when we drop our children off.  We know they will be cared for, and loved, just as they are at home.

The staff at A Child’s Paradise is second to none.   At each stage in our children’s development, the staff has been able to draw upon their skills that are appropriate for their age group.  Each one of our children loves the time they get to spend in each of the different rooms.   Whether it’s taking day trips, walks, spending time outside, or doing crafts, we know our children are learning and growing – while having fun at the same time.

Our children have all had food allergies.  The amazing kitchen staff has been able to work around this, creating special meals excluding certain ingredients just so our children wouldn’t feel left out at meal time.

They play a key role in helping us raise our children, and doing an amazing job!

Sincerely Jen & Iain Fotheringham

A Child’s Paradise has been a part of our family since October 2005.  Since the first day we walked in we knew it would be an excellent environment for them to grow up in.  Not only do they ensure excellent care of our boys day to day, they have extended themselves and taken special care of them during times of need.  The boys are always excited to share what they have done that day and especially what was for lunch!  We always feel confident that our boys are loved and cared for as much as they are at home.  Our oldest has entered into the educational system and has been tremendously successful as a result of the excellent care provided in his pre-school years.  As our youngest prepares to follow in his foot-steps, we feel that he too will be prepared to take on the challenges of the next phase in his life.

Amanda Detmar

When you go back to work, A Child’s Paradise is the place for your kids! My girls are 19 and 9 and they always considered A Child’s Paradise like home. The quality of the teachers and the programming exceeded all of my expectations. The cleanliness, the meals, the creative activities, I could go on forever! The teachers were a big influence on my oldest daughter in making her career choice. My nine year old still participates in the before and after school program and summer camp and loves every minute of it!

When your child asks to go to daycare or wants to stay later you know you have made a great choice!!

Brenda Sywyk