Senior Preschool

3-4 years

The Senior Room is a dynamic, lively room that offers a variety of activities to prepare your child for Junior Kindergarten. Literacy activities are offered both on an individual basis, (book boxes, author studies, rebus stories at the easel and the library) and as a group. Receptive and expressive language are encouraged through activities during our daily circle time. Numeracy development continues with age appropriate activities being offered at various stations throughout the room. The senior room also offers a dramatic play area, a science nook, and a variety of toys and activities which children are free to choose. A supervised creative art station reflecting our theme of the week is also offered on a daily basis. Senior Preschool – Ratio 1 teacher to 8 seniors


July Newsletter

Summer has arrived and we couldn’t be happier! Just a reminder that each child should have a summer hat at school every day. We spend a lot of time in the yard throughout the summer and we want to keep the children protected.

Along with summer comes summer holidays! We have put a calendar up outside our classroom, if you and your child will be taking some holidays could you please fill in the days: as this will help us to staff accordingly.

On Wednesday July 11th, Little Rays Reptile Zoo will be visiting our centre. He will be bringing with him lots of interesting creatures, some big some small and probably some of all different colours! We look forward to meeting all his little or big friends! For your child to participate please fill out the attached form and return it by Wednesday July 4th.

On Monday August 13th, Mystic Drumz will be coming to do a presentation for us at our centre. Mystic Drumz is an international leading provider of specialized children’s World Music Education. Their staff is expertly trained to deliver high energy, interactive performances and hands-on drum circles. For your child to participate please fill out the attached form and return it by Monday August 7th.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer!


Michele Newell, Natasha Lake & Jenny McLaren