Senior Preschool

3-4 years

Our Senior Preschool Room is an stimulating program which prepares children for a seamless entry into the school system. In addition to having tons of fun, the senior room encourages independent self help skills including; hanging up coats and back packs, changing shoes and boots, putting on and removing outside winter-gear, proper hand-washing and toilette etiquette. Our teachers also focus on letter and number recognition as well as early printing skills. Children are encouraged to play in groups and problem solve with assistance to the best of their ability at this age. Methods from “Handwriting Without Tears and “Jolly Phonics” are incorporated to encourage literacy and make learning a wonderful stress free experience.

Ratio 1 teacher to 8 children

 A word from your teachers……., 

Parents, please note all correspondence from the senior room will be sent through your See Saw App and no longer updated on the website.  

We have implemented a “Helper of the Week”. Each week a child is given the opportunity to help the teachers and the other children in the class. This promotes working together and co-operation. It also builds a sense of well being and happiness as a child discovers the joys of helping one another. The name of the helper of the week is listed on your child’s calendar. Please see the monthly calendar for your child’s name and week.         

While we are playing and having fun in the senior room, we will also be learning about letters and numbers, practicing with our pencils, and working on our colours. Outside the senior room door we have a calendar posted for our  parents so you are able to follow along with our schedule. Please note that our program is very fluid and we follow the “How Does Learning Happen Program” set out by the Ministry of Education. You will see pictures and explanations posted outside our rooms documenting this learning process. For example, if we go for a walk on the trails and see a deer we may spend the rest of the day talking about the deer, its habitat ect., If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to us or call at anytime during the day.  

Drop in for a visit anytime!!

Your Senior Room Teachers,

 Audrey Thompson, NSD (Scotland), Sara Augusto, RECE,  Hillary Tansley (RECE)